Fragments of the Great South Road

In December 2015, filmmaker Paul Janman (Tongan Ark) and poet, blogger and historian Scott Hamilton (Reading the Maps) walked two hundred kilometres and travelled through one hundred and fifty years of history up the Great South Road from the King Country to Auckland with camera and notepad in hand.

Track the project on facebook Our route is on the map below. Click and drag it to reposition.

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2 thoughts on “Fragments of the Great South Road”

  1. I an not on facebook but would still like to meet you when you pass through Otahuhu. At The Monument would be ideal. Good chance for a talk about the NZ Mounted Rifle Brigade; the most successful military unit New Zealand has ever had. They were winners which is why they were chosen as standard bearers for their generation. Everybody likes hearing about winners don’t they? I have written an article if you would like to hear more.

    1. Interesting to hear more about the monument that means so many things to many people. We’ll let you know when we’re in Otahuhu next.

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