Projects in Production

FRAGMENTS OF THE GREAT SOUTH ROAD: An Auckland journey in space and time, on one road.

This is a promo for a proposed experimental documentary by filmmaker Paul Janman and poet/blogger/sociologist Dr. Scott Hamilton.

More info on Scott’s blog here. Have a look at the google maps itinerary below to see some of the places that have captured our attention.

Click on the blue tabs to read a synopsis of a place. Refresh the page if one of the descriptions gets cut off. Double click the map or use the tool on the left to zoom in. Drag the map around to reposition.

View Anti-Travels on the Great South Road in a larger map


An experimental short film which maps the paradoxical premise that to be is not to be on the streets of Auckland.


An investigation of the intersections of an ailing jukebox rental company in South Alabama, artificial intelligence and the question of immortality.

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